As the clouds and cold move in for the inevitable rainy season(s), I am happily spending a lot of my time in the studio working on several exciting projects.

First up is music editing/mixing and some composition for an independent zombie flick called What Remains. I am collaborating with Josh on this 90 minute score that includes some really eerie and disturbing minimalistic compositions. The score is pretty much done but it may be a while before it’s released. When a trailer is available, I will post it here.

Work on the new Stayte record continues. We haven’t decided on a title yet but the lion’s share of the recording is complete. I am focusing on tweaking the details of each track before we finish up some overdubs and dive into the mixing stage.

I am stoked to announce that I will be remixing a track for Therapy?. This band has had a big influence on my music since the late 1990s and I look forward to giving a little back to the band with this remix.

And for something quite different, here is one of the most recent tracks I have mastered. The band is called Combine the Victorious and the song is called “Paros”. Enjoy!

Being a long-time fan of Capcom, I took a trailer from one of their recent games and created an alternative audio track with my own original sound design.

The music and rhythmic elements were composed using several different soft synths with a few select plug-ins and couple of different controllers (including an iPad). I recorded the foley on an iPhone (including the zombie sounds, which were performed masterfully by my 14-month-old daughter). I then processed, edited and mixed the different assets down to a final 2-track mix using Cubase.

This clip is for composition and sound design demonstration purposes only. All rights to the moving images (and original audio) reside with the respective creators.


The original trailer can be found here – Dead Rising 2 Trailer