I spent most of the summer working on the music for the indie horror feature Island Zero. The film is about the inhabitants of a fishing island off the coast of Maine who find themselves mysteriously cut off from the outside world after the ferry suddenly stops coming.

The synth-heavy score was a joy to compose and I’ve been looking forward to sharing some of it since wrapping up the mix in September. Here’s the first official trailer:


More on this awesome indie feature at https://www.islandzeromovie.com/

My score for the techno-thriller feature ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ is now complete. I had a lot of fun on this one mixing all kinds of analog and digital sources into a largely electronic score that encompasses some of my favourite genres. While I can’t share anything just yet, I will post any and all links/trailers/teasers as they are released.


The original soundtrack is available now via Screamworks Records. It is a digital-only release. You can download it from iTunes or if you prefer CD-quality audio, try Amoeba Music.


Track listing:

1. This is what remains
2. Wishful thinking / Quality of life / Maybe we’re just crazy
3. Trapped
4. Faith, trust and pixie dust (Part 1)
5. H2No
6. Faith, trust and pixie dust (Part 2)
7. Crisco and Lasagna
8. PTZD / Incurable
9. Loyalty beyond the grave
10. You can kill with a bat
11. Hypertonic solutions / Trolling for truth
12. I’m not going to let you in
13. It’s black
14. Wishful thinking (reprise)
15. Eudora Fordycio