The original soundtrack is available now via Screamworks Records. It is a digital-only release. You can download it from iTunes or if you prefer CD-quality audio, try Amoeba Music.


Track listing:

1. This is what remains
2. Wishful thinking / Quality of life / Maybe we’re just crazy
3. Trapped
4. Faith, trust and pixie dust (Part 1)
5. H2No
6. Faith, trust and pixie dust (Part 2)
7. Crisco and Lasagna
8. PTZD / Incurable
9. Loyalty beyond the grave
10. You can kill with a bat
11. Hypertonic solutions / Trolling for truth
12. I’m not going to let you in
13. It’s black
14. Wishful thinking (reprise)
15. Eudora Fordycio

After years of work, I am proud to say the zombie film Josh and I composed the original score for is set to be released on September 9, 2014. The film is a psychological horror called ‘Dead Within’ (directed by Ben Wagner, released by Millennium Entertainment). It features a minimalistic score that blurs the line between sound design and ambient music. The movie is available for pre-order now with the companion soundtrack to be released very soon.


I made the decision not to go Winter NAMM this year and am now regretting it. Not because of anything the big boys have announced (with the notable exception of Moog’s Sub Phatty) but because I will miss out on the chance to try out Antiquity Music‘s Wheelharp. This unique keyboard instrument controls sixty-one actual bowed strings arranged in a full chromatic scale complete with expression pedals and steampunk looks.

And it sounds bloody awesome:

While only a few days old, this year has already seen much improvement to the function and form of the Sonic Sietch.

To start with, I’ve completely revamped this site. The new layout in this version allows for better media integration and is generally easier to navigate than the last version. I’ve also updated the mastering examples to include some of my favourites from 2012.

Inside the physical studio I’ve done some simple yet effective Ikea hacks to create more space and a better monitoring environment. This will be put to the test in the coming weeks as I begin the final mixing sessions for the new Stayte record.

Oh – and I’ve also (finally) added a Facebook page for the studio.

Happy 2013!