This artist provided me with the stems from a previous recording session in the hopes that I could produce a “fuller” mix. I have included a clip from the original mix for reference. My work on this session included editing, mixing, producing and mastering.

Original mix:

My mix:

In this example, the artist was looking to flesh out a piano/vocal arrangement into a fully produced track. My work here included recording, editing, mixing, co-producing and mastering.

This example is from an album session where I was involved in the entire audio production chain. My work included all the recording, editing, mixing and mastering as well as co-producing the album with the band.

This session encompassed the entire evolution of a song: from initial concept and riffs to commercial-ready release. My work included composing, recording, editing, mixing, producing, and mastering.


  1. Hey Clayton! Love the site. great look and flow. I also like the connectivity to other posts and material. Your mixing examples sound great, especially the comparison of old to new. That socom clip was cool too [good beat to bullet sync] I always learn something from you, I like that. Cheers mate!

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