“There are many composers that can simply give you what you ask for and your score will sound just like everyone else’s. Then there’s the rare breed that will surprise you and help you find the perfect sound that is uniquely tailored to your project. Clayton falls into the latter category.”

– James Cox (award-winning Director, Hacked)

“Working with Clayton was a dream, truly. He anticipated notes before we had a chance to give them, was generous in sharing his ideas without ever being overbearing, and was able to synthesize and incorporate abstract ideas into the music seamlessly. All of this lead to an outstanding score for Island Zero. We haven’t done a single screening without enthusiastic compliments toward the music.”

– Mariah Klapatch (award-winning Producer, Island Zero)

“Clayton’s creative instincts were just what our picture needed. We wanted a haunting, atmospheric soundscape to ratchet up the tension in an organic way – and his score delivered. Clayton was an true collaborator, allowing us to iteratively sculpt the picture to the sound and vice versa. Beyond his artistic skills, Clayton’s diligence and professionalism guaranteed we’d make our post deadline – invaluable traits when working as a team to deliver a compelling movie.”

– Ben Wagner (Director/Producer, Dead Within)

“Clayton has exceeded my expectations by a grand margin as a music producer/ remix engineer. He contributed what I consider to be one of the best tracks on my first album. I have worked with Clayton several times over the last few years and each time he is professional, his turn-around time is amazing, he understands my musical goals and uses his expertise to expound on my vision. In addition to being an incredible remixer, Clayton produced a Pop track for me that is my favorite track that I’ve been involved with. He not only produced the track but performed all the instruments, mixed, and mastered it! I even had the track re-mastered by one of the best in the industry but decided to keep Clayton’s version. The track is being played on the radio and a video is being planned. I can sum up my feeling of Clayton’s work by passing on a quote from Ryan Hoyle (drummer for Collective Soul and Paul Rogers) about one of the remixes he did for me: “This is…genius! Wow, I am jealous.” Don’t be jealous of Clayton, just hire him.”

– Mark Lassiter (songwriter/musician)

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