Zombie Therapy?

As the clouds and cold move in for the inevitable rainy season(s), I am happily spending a lot of my time in the studio working on several exciting projects.

First up is music editing/mixing and some composition for an independent zombie flick called What Remains. I am collaborating with Josh on this 90 minute score that includes some really eerie and disturbing minimalistic compositions. The score is pretty much done but it may be a while before it’s released. When a trailer is available, I will post it here.

Work on the new Stayte record continues. We haven’t decided on a title yet but the lion’s share of the recording is complete. I am focusing on tweaking the details of each track before we finish up some overdubs and dive into the mixing stage.

I am stoked to announce that I will be remixing a track for Therapy?. This band has had a big influence on my music since the late 1990s and I look forward to giving a little back to the band with this remix.

And for something quite different, here is one of the most recent tracks I have mastered. The band is called Combine the Victorious and the song is called “Paros”. Enjoy!

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