An Inevitable Relapse – Remixing Filter’s Latest

I heard a lot of the demos from this record well before it was released and was really excited about where Filter was going on this new recording. By the time I was contacted for some remixing, the album had just been finished and was headed to mastering.

Upon first listen, I was stoked to hear the grit of ‘Short Bus’ mixed with the radio-friendly vibe of ‘The Amalgamut’. Clearly the effort poured into a full record release cycle with ‘Anthems for the Damned’ really paid off. For me, ‘The Trouble with Angels’ sounds like Filter returning to where they left off in 2002.

The return of Filter to those deep-seated yet catchy industrial rock roots is evident in both of the tracks I remixed: ‘The Inevitable Releapse’ and ‘Drug Boy’. Some definite highlights of remixing Filter this time around were bringing to light the ridiculously heavy bass line in ‘The Inevitable Relapse’ and constructing the hallucinogenic bridge in my ‘Drug Boy’ mix.

As with the ‘Remixes for the Damned’, working with Richard’s vocals is always a pleasure and I very much look forward to hearing the next installment in the Filter catalog.

The Inevitable Relapse (Clayton Worbeck Mix) can be found on iTunes and on the physical Rocket Science deluxe edition of ‘The Trouble with Angels’.

The Drug Boy (Clayton Worbeck Mix) is a little harder to hunt down. I did a full version (which I don’t think is commercially available) and a shortened club mix which is available from Nuclear Blast Records.

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