Apple Logic Express 9 Review

Apple Logic Express 9 is the latest release of Apple’s entry-level digital audio workstation software for Mac. Based on the Logic Pro DAW, Logic Express 9 offers many features found in Logic Pro 9, but at less than half the price. While some audio professionals may find Logic Express 9 limiting, many will enjoy the new additions and improvements to the Logic Express platform.

What’s New in the Apple Logic Express 9 DAW

Logic Express 9 shares many of the same features found in Logic Pro 9 such as the new Flex Time suite of tempo/time editing tools and the addition of virtual guitar gear.

With Flex Time, Logic users can compress and stretch audio with greater ease and efficiency. The new Flex Time collection of features includes tools for quantizing audio regions, editing drum groups without phase issues and even slowing down or speeding up the tempo of entire projects.

The new Amp Designer and Pedalboard plug-ins bring the world of the virtual guitar rig to Logic Express. While Amp Designer simulates different amps, speaker cabinets, and mics, Pedalboard provides 30 virtual stompboxes for an abundance of tonal possibilities.

Logic Express 9 vs. Logic Pro 9

While Logic Express 9 does include many features found in Logic Pro 9, there are obviously some differences between the two DAWs. Priced at $499 USD, Logic Pro 9 is more than double the cost of Logic Express 9. The price difference reflects all the extra options, content and other audio software not included in the Logic Express 9 DAW.

For example, Logic Express 9 does not allow for Pro Tools TDM support or mixing in surround sound. Nor does it include some of the premium softsynths or plug-ins like Space Designer, Delay Designer and Sculpture. While Logic Express 9 does include more than 1200 loops, this sound library pales in comparison to the massive Jam Pack sound libraries (20,000+ loops) included in the Logic 9 Studio bundle.

Logic Express 9 also does not include Soundtrack Pro 3, WaveBurner, MainStage2 or the other audio production utilities that are found in Logic Studio 9.

Apple Logic Express 9 – A Worthwhile DAW Update

However for $199 USD (or $99 USD for the upgrade from previous versions), Logic Express 9 includes a wealth of audio production tools housed in a finely-tuned digital audio workstation environment for a bargain price.

For those users with needs beyond the scope of Logic Express 9, Logic Studio may be the better choice. But it is worth noting that Logic Express users can upgrade to the full version of Logic Studio at any time for $299 USD – the balance of the cost of buying Logic Studio outright.

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