Apple Logic Pro 8 Review

Logic Pro 8 is the most recent version of Apple’s professional digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencing software.

The Logic Pro 8 DAW is no longer a separate product: it is now part of the Logic Studio bundle that includes additional professional audio applications such as MainStage, Soundtrack Pro 2 and WaveBurner as well as several Jam Pack sound library collections.

What’s New in Apple Logic Pro 8

Upon booting up Logic Pro 8 for the first time, users of previous versions of Logic will immediately find this latest version to be a major upgrade over previous versions. Apple has made many additions and improvements to enhance Logic Pro’s workflow and usability.

For example, the new Logic Pro has taken huge steps towards being a single-window workspace. In LP8, users can access the main editors and browsers from the ‘Arrange’ window via a series of retractable panes thus eliminating the chore of opening up separate windows. That being said, plug-ins and instruments will still pull up new windows when clicked upon. Channel settings are now integrated in Logic Pro 8. These settings are a combination of plug-ins and plug-in presets that are readily available and ideal for shaping the sound of any specific instrument for a certain style or purpose.

The new virtual instrument and plug-in selection in Logic Pro 8 is robust and impressive. Highlights include the Space Designer convolution reverb, the Delay Designer plug-in and the Sculpture component modeling softsynth.

Apple Logic Express 8 Option

For those interested in what Logic Pro has to offer but cannot afford the $500 USD price tag, there is the option of purchasing Logic Express – the $199 ‘lite’ version of Logic Pro.

Although Logic Express 8 lacks the additional Logic Studio applications and some of the advanced Logic Pro features (such as the convolution reverb and surround capabilities), it retains more than enough of the Logic Pro DAW to satisfy most hobbyist and semi-professional music production needs. Logic Express 8 users can also upgrade to the full Logic Studio bundle at any time for an additional $299 USD.

Pros and Cons of Apple Logic Pro 8

Besidesthe enhancements to the Logic DAW interface and feature set, there two obvious advantages to Logic Pro 8.

  • The price of the Logic Studio bundle is a huge bargain. Priced at $500 USD, the Logic Studio bundle offers a drastically improved version of Apple Logic plus a wealth of additional applications and sound libraries for half the price of the previous Logic version.
  • Apple has replaced the awkward USB XSKey dongle with a simple serial number system. This will be especially welcome for laptop users as it frees up valuable USB port space.

Perhaps the only major drawback to Logic Pro 8 is that it is a Mac-only DAW. This might even have something to do with the big drop in price of the Logic DAW as all Logic Pro 8 users are required to own a Mac computer system. Despite this one issue, Apple Logic Pro 8 is an incredible deal for both current Logic users and those getting into the Logic DAW for the first time.

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